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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Juicy!! Trump may be into S&M. Wait'll you hear... [View all]DavidLindFri Mar-16-18 04:40 PM
by Fud
I will have to, Buzzcook, Mar-14-18 03:21 PM, #1
This might be apropos , Fud, Mar-16-18 04:40 PM, #4
It seriously does not matter, MadSatyrist, Mar-14-18 03:57 PM, #2
      RE: It seriously does not matter, marty, Mar-14-18 06:16 PM, #3
Tariffs. Opening the hood and fiddling with the engine. [View all]DavidLindSun Mar-11-18 04:07 AM
by DavidLind
Two things really hurt steel in the US, MadSatyrist, Mar-07-18 04:36 PM, #1
      And the mills are brand new WWII era. , DavidLind, Mar-08-18 06:36 AM, #2
      Big oil hates the tariff. , DavidLind, Mar-11-18 04:07 AM, #3
Adios bartcop. March 5, 2014. [View all]DavidLindTue Mar-06-18 07:06 PM
by DavidLind
RE: Adios bartcop. March 5, 2014., MadSatyrist, Mar-06-18 05:40 PM, #1
      We have tall crazy, but no march into an unnecessary war. , DavidLind, Mar-06-18 07:06 PM, #2
The Manchild strikes again. [View all]FudTue Mar-06-18 05:41 PM
by MadSatyrist
That poor mistreated little elf. , DavidLind, Mar-01-18 10:55 AM, #1
RE: The Manchild strikes again., freemars2258, Mar-02-18 03:13 AM, #2
What's next is the announcement of trade tariffs. , DavidLind, Mar-02-18 10:35 AM, #3
      He can if he declares them to be a matter of national security., MadSatyrist, Mar-06-18 05:41 PM, #4
Why I will never carry a gun in my classroom [View all]BuzzcookMon Feb-26-18 03:08 AM
by freemars2258
The NRA took Archie Bunker seriously. , DavidLind, Feb-25-18 03:27 AM, #1
Hey! If we arm the teachers, Grannyc, Feb-25-18 05:27 PM, #2
      That's right! And what kind of friction could possibly arise??, DavidLind, Feb-25-18 09:42 PM, #4
You want to ask the question they ignore totally?, MadSatyrist, Feb-25-18 07:01 PM, #3
RE: Why I will never carry a gun in my classroom, freemars2258, Feb-26-18 03:08 AM, #5
A$$hole Texas governor commutes death row inmate's sentence. [View all]DavidLindFri Feb-23-18 06:15 AM
by DavidLind
And the inmate is white. , DavidLind, Feb-23-18 06:15 AM, #1
Where are all the spectators at the Olympics? [View all]DavidLindSat Feb-24-18 07:24 PM
by DavidLind
It's a money hole., MadSatyrist, Feb-24-18 09:01 AM, #1
      It's bling bling on a national scale. , DavidLind, Feb-24-18 07:24 PM, #2
Mueller indicts 13 Russians [View all]BuzzcookMon Feb-19-18 11:39 AM
by MadSatyrist
Trump blames school shooting and Obama. Of course he does., DavidLind, Feb-18-18 07:22 AM, #1
      ...everyone but Russia., DavidLind, Feb-18-18 09:20 AM, #2
      Students are having fits., MadSatyrist, Feb-19-18 11:39 AM, #3
Wonder if the POS will tweet and whine about this. [View all]FudFri Feb-16-18 07:05 AM
by Fud
That "thoughts and prayers" record is pretty well worn out., DavidLind, Feb-15-18 07:34 AM, #1
It's beyond gun control. It is a matter of people control., DavidLind, Feb-15-18 07:43 PM, #2
RE: Wonder if the POS will tweet and whine about this., freemars2258, Feb-16-18 05:27 AM, #3
Ends up that twitter acct was put on blocked, Fud, Feb-16-18 07:05 AM, #4
The US Army opened up it's art warehouse to Faux. [View all]DavidLindWed Feb-21-18 01:50 AM
by MadSatyrist
In 1992 we went to the "Propaganda Musuem" in Nuremberg, Grannyc, Feb-11-18 12:37 PM, #1
The Holocaust Museum here in Houston is expanding. , DavidLind, Feb-11-18 05:08 PM, #2
RE: The US Army opened up it's art warehouse to Faux., MadSatyrist, Feb-12-18 04:22 PM, #3
      The Army invited Faux and only Faux., DavidLind, Feb-12-18 05:57 PM, #4
           RE: The Army invited Faux and only Faux., MadSatyrist, Feb-21-18 01:50 AM, #5
President Donald Trump wants a military parade. [View all]DavidLindSat Feb-10-18 03:37 AM
by DavidLind
They'll have to repave Pennsylvania Avenue., MadSatyrist, Feb-08-18 03:09 PM, #1
      Elon Musk is living the dream of a lot of space race kids., DavidLind, Feb-10-18 03:37 AM, #2
Yeow!!! Dow down 1000 points at this time. [View all]DavidLindWed Feb-14-18 05:54 AM
by DavidLind
Well, lessee now, MadSatyrist, Feb-05-18 02:29 PM, #1
The batteries from Obama's administration finally wore out., DavidLind, Feb-05-18 05:10 PM, #2
      RE: The batteries from Obama's administration finally wore out., MadSatyrist, Feb-06-18 05:09 PM, #3
Dow loses another grand. , DavidLind, Feb-08-18 02:49 PM, #4
      RE: Dow loses another grand. , Zomar, Feb-11-18 07:30 PM, #5
           Dow went up 410 today. Don't be too hasty Zomar., DavidLind, Feb-12-18 05:50 PM, #6
                They didn't pass a budget. Just kicked the can down the road., DavidLind, Feb-14-18 05:54 AM, #7
Trump sounds like he's gonna release the Nunes memo. [View all]DavidLindSun Feb-04-18 07:12 AM
by DavidLind
Of course he did., MadSatyrist, Feb-03-18 02:38 PM, #1
      A cherry picked lemon., DavidLind, Feb-04-18 07:12 AM, #2
Overheard this at an airport lounge [View all]FudSun Jan-28-18 05:16 PM
by DavidLind
......mmmmm, dunno about that., DavidLind, Jan-27-18 08:38 AM, #1
      Difference is, MadSatyrist, Jan-28-18 12:23 PM, #2
           "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!!", DavidLind, Jan-28-18 04:59 PM, #3
You can take the conservative a$$hole out of Faux News, but you can't.... [View all]DavidLindTue Jan-23-18 06:36 PM0326
White Red State Males [View all]BuzzcookSat Jan-20-18 06:09 PM
by MadSatyrist
RE: White Red State Males, Grayfox2, Jan-18-18 12:51 PM, #1
RE: White Red State Males, freemars2258, Jan-19-18 03:15 AM, #2
RE: White Red State Males, zorch, Jan-19-18 10:09 AM, #3
I was not!, DavidLind, Jan-20-18 06:11 AM, #4
Not a surprise to anyone from the South., MadSatyrist, Jan-20-18 06:09 PM, #5
Stupid [View all]Grayfox2Sun Jan-21-18 08:08 PM
by DavidLind
It's called "balance". , MadSatyrist, Jan-21-18 05:30 PM, #1
      The balance IS money. , DavidLind, Jan-21-18 08:08 PM, #2
Amazing [View all]Grayfox2Sat Jan-20-18 06:05 AM
by DavidLind
He's a pin ball wizard. There has got to be a twist., DavidLind, Jan-17-18 07:07 PM, #1
      RE: He's a pin ball wizard. There has got to be a twist., Grayfox2, Jan-18-18 06:49 AM, #2
           I like Lawrence O'Donnell. He's sharp., DavidLind, Jan-20-18 06:05 AM, #3
What has four eyes but can't see? [View all]FudWed Jan-17-18 03:51 AM0313
Four feet of rain and then 1/16 inch of ice knocks us on our butt. [View all]DavidLindWed Jan-17-18 07:19 AM
by Grayfox2
RE: Four feet of rain and then 1/16 inch of ice knocks us on the our b..., Grayfox2, Jan-16-18 01:47 PM, #1
Whever did this has a good sense of humor [View all]FudMon Jan-15-18 06:45 AM
by Grayfox2
RE: Whever did this has a good sense of humor, Grayfox2, Jan-15-18 06:45 AM, #1
Global warming again [View all]Grayfox2Tue Jan-16-18 06:53 PM
by DavidLind
Texas winter seems to be on the cold side too., DavidLind, Jan-12-18 07:05 PM, #1
It's kind of funny., MadSatyrist, Jan-13-18 04:06 AM, #2
      We can put on Bermuda shorts, sunglasses and flip flops, but we can't ..., DavidLind, Jan-13-18 05:25 AM, #3
           Best graphic I've seen about changing climate is from XKCD., MadSatyrist, Jan-16-18 01:31 AM, #4
                Fahrenheit vs. Celsius., DavidLind, Jan-16-18 06:53 PM, #5
Friday [View all]Grayfox2Sat Jan-13-18 04:48 PM
by DavidLind
RE: Friday, Grayfox2, Jan-12-18 06:44 AM, #1
There are a lot of nasty goings on under the money laundering rock., DavidLind, Jan-12-18 06:49 PM, #2
You will find it is ALL about money laundering, Grannyc, Jan-12-18 07:32 PM, #3
      Laundering money by way of real estate., DavidLind, Jan-13-18 07:02 AM, #5
Trial for Manafort and Gates is set to begin May 14. (nt), MadSatyrist, Jan-13-18 04:06 AM, #4
Oprah [View all]Grayfox2Thu Jan-11-18 06:43 PM
by DavidLind
Let the plumber fix the sink., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 10:43 AM, #1
The GOP - who love their actors for President, Grannyc, Jan-09-18 12:12 PM, #2
Hillary scared Putin back in the Arab Spring, in 2011., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 01:28 PM, #6
Doctor Phil can be Secretary of State, Buzzcook, Jan-09-18 12:16 PM, #3
She really does have a rags to riches story. Unlike most Rs., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 12:28 PM, #4
Oprah would be a disaster., zorch, Jan-09-18 12:29 PM, #5
That's up to the primary voters., MadSatyrist, Jan-09-18 02:45 PM, #7
Celebrity politicians, MadSatyrist, Jan-09-18 02:50 PM, #8
B Clinton and B Obama will be our last presidents who >>>, Grannyc, Jan-09-18 03:10 PM, #9
Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. , DavidLind, Jan-09-18 10:29 PM, #10
      RE: Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. , Grayfox2, Jan-11-18 09:25 AM, #11
           Some bright eyed kid will come along., DavidLind, Jan-11-18 06:43 PM, #12
25th amendment is an everyday concept at the White House-M. Wolff. [View all]DavidLindSun Jan-07-18 10:07 AM
by DavidLind
RE: 25th amendment is an everyday concept at the White House-M. Wolff., Grayfox2, Jan-07-18 07:25 AM, #1
      Trump breaks the mold. Eight years of W required that., DavidLind, Jan-07-18 08:27 AM, #2
A tip on Christmas. [View all]MadSatyristSun Jan-07-18 05:42 PM
by DavidLind
Oh crap!! I forgot to unpack and hang the wreath!, DavidLind, Jan-07-18 05:42 PM, #1
Do you think Trump might be faking dementia? [View all]DavidLindSat Jan-06-18 07:58 AM
by Grayfox2
RE: Do you think Trump might be faking dementia?, Grayfox2, Jan-04-18 09:55 AM, #1
Some of us may get what we want, but not the way we want it., DavidLind, Jan-04-18 12:20 PM, #2
No, MadSatyrist, Jan-05-18 03:46 AM, #3
      RE: No, Grayfox2, Jan-05-18 07:30 AM, #4
      Be careful outside. Especially in any wind., DavidLind, Jan-05-18 04:38 PM, #5
           It is cold outside., MadSatyrist, Jan-06-18 05:56 AM, #7
      I don't really see the dementia either. Everybody is talking about it., DavidLind, Jan-05-18 04:47 PM, #6
           RE: I don't really see the dementia either. Everybody is talking about..., Grayfox2, Jan-06-18 07:58 AM, #8
Trump relies on Faux for all his information. [View all]DavidLindWed Jan-03-18 10:13 AM0392
Dumb [View all]Grayfox2Tue Jan-02-18 08:01 PM
by DavidLind
Rooster taking credit for the sunrise., DavidLind, Jan-02-18 08:01 PM, #1
Happy New Year!!! [View all]DavidLindTue Jan-02-18 01:21 PM
by DavidLind
Happy New Year!!!, Grannyc, Jan-01-18 02:20 AM, #1
Thanks! You can plant year round??, DavidLind, Jan-01-18 05:11 PM, #2
      Today I will cut the rose blooms, Grannyc, Jan-02-18 12:12 PM, #6
Happy New Year!!!, MadSatyrist, Jan-02-18 01:43 AM, #3
      RE: Happy New Year!!!, Grayfox2, Jan-02-18 06:51 AM, #4
      It appears to be snowing just south of Houston on the radar., DavidLind, Jan-02-18 07:16 AM, #5
      RE: Happy New Year!!!, Grannyc, Jan-02-18 12:13 PM, #7
           RE: Happy New Year!!!, MadSatyrist, Jan-02-18 01:11 PM, #8
                Like a refugee from a war., DavidLind, Jan-02-18 01:21 PM, #9
A pedophile AND a sore loser. [View all]DavidLindSun Dec-31-17 07:19 AM
by DavidLind
It's worked for so many years now, MadSatyrist, Dec-30-17 04:03 AM, #1
      Remember what W did the day after the Florida election? , DavidLind, Dec-30-17 02:09 PM, #2
      The GOP loves accusing the DEMS, Grannyc, Dec-30-17 07:31 PM, #3
           RE: The GOP loves accusing the DEMS, Grayfox2, Dec-31-17 04:17 AM, #4
                Talk of impeachment will be counterproductive now. , DavidLind, Dec-31-17 07:19 AM, #5
Merry Christmas! [View all]MadSatyristWed Dec-27-17 03:53 PM
by Buzzcook
Many happy returns, Buzzcook, Dec-25-17 11:50 AM, #1
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.!! And Happy Chanukah!!, DavidLind, Dec-25-17 12:34 PM, #2
Trump has essentially announced that he wants war. [View all]MadSatyristSun Dec-24-17 06:42 PM
by DavidLind
Two idiots with bad haircuts talking sh!t., DavidLind, Dec-24-17 06:42 PM, #1
I wonder that Trump may be angling to fire Mueller. [View all]DavidLindMon Dec-25-17 07:03 AM
by DavidLind
RE: I wonder that Trump may be angling to fire Mueller., Grayfox2, Dec-21-17 07:48 AM, #1
Please don't ask that question., DavidLind, Dec-21-17 01:58 PM, #2
      Mueller is pretty smart., MadSatyrist, Dec-23-17 03:12 AM, #3
           They'll have to settle for Faux Noise blowing smoke. , DavidLind, Dec-23-17 08:06 AM, #4
I think I have figured out what they are doing., MadSatyrist, Dec-25-17 02:15 AM, #5
      Motivate the base to "avenge the crime"?, DavidLind, Dec-25-17 07:03 AM, #6
laughing all the way to the bank [View all]Grayfox2Sat Dec-23-17 03:08 AM
by MadSatyrist
Most people don't like it according to most polls., DavidLind, Dec-20-17 07:51 PM, #1
      Why did you think they waited?, MadSatyrist, Dec-23-17 03:08 AM, #2
Recession [View all]Grayfox2Sat Dec-23-17 03:06 AM
by MadSatyrist
The tax scam is absolutely ridiculous., MadSatyrist, Dec-23-17 03:06 AM, #1
Taxes again [View all]Grayfox2Wed Dec-20-17 05:58 AM
by DavidLind
You read it correctly, Grannyc, Dec-15-17 02:59 PM, #1
It sounds like every single republican is giving it the green light., DavidLind, Dec-15-17 06:53 PM, #2
Turtle head thinks it will pass. (nt), MadSatyrist, Dec-16-17 02:32 AM, #3
      RE: Turtle head thinks it will pass. (nt), Grayfox2, Dec-16-17 07:01 AM, #4
           Today they might try to push it through., DavidLind, Dec-19-17 01:17 AM, #5
Tax bill is pretty much a done deal. 51-48., DavidLind, Dec-20-17 05:58 AM, #6
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